An Open Demand to the Congress of These United States

Whereas the United States Congress is negotiating and voting on the Trans-Pacific Partnership in secret,

And whereas the citizens of the United States will be subject to such laws if it passes,

And whereas the same citizens cannot offer their opinions on the passage of such unseen legislation,

The American Public opposes passage of this law and strongly urges all Representatives and Senators to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Furthermore, we demand that the text of the proposed bill be made public immediately.


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EJ Moosa believes that a smaller government is a more efficient government. He believes that better analysis leads to better solutions. A graduate of Georgia State University In Business Administration, EJ grew up in Cobb County graduating from Osborne High School and worked at several Atlanta companies including First Atlanta, IBM, and Six Flags over Georgia.

2 thoughts on “An Open Demand to the Congress of These United States

    • The sad day will turn into weeks and years if these people do not get the clear message from us soon that we have had enough of thise behavior.

      Thanks for the reply

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