Body Guards

Barack Obama has body guards.

Joe Biden has body guards.

Hillary Clinton has body guards

Paul Ryan has body guards.

Nancy Pelosi has body guards.

Whenever and wherever they go.  Be it a school, a church, or any other “gun-free zone”.

So exactly why are you and I prohibited by law from being our own body guard at all times?


Who exactly is safer when we law abiding citizens are forcibly disarmed.

I do not know exactly what happened in Orlando this weekend.  I do know a few things for certain.  The public, most of whom are law abiding, were disarmed because the state mandated it.

They placed their trust in, well, I am not quite sure.  There was one armed officer, it has been reported.  But outside of that, the patrons must have been working on the belief, that, like themselves, the rest of the crowd had good intentions.

They were wrong.

It’s time to end the madness of disarming honest citizens wherever they go.  Whether it is a school, a church, a bar, or a sporting event, there is no reason to disarm law abiding citizens.

I have written in the past that “Just One Gun” could stop the slaughter.  That has not changed.  Only the city of where it could have made a difference has changed.

At what point will we actually realize that we are our own first line of self- defense?

How many more lives will be sacrificed because guns were prohibited by law from being in the hands of law abiding citizens?

Enough is enough.  Contact you local and state officials and tell them there is no rational reason that you are not allowed to defend yourself.  Unless you do, things are destined to become much much worse.

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