Did You Really Think It Was Going To Be Easy?

Misplaced outrage is all around us.  I don’t even have to give you the examples, but it’s likely even you have been guilty of having misplaced outrage.

“Did you hear what So and So said? What are we going to do?”

Establishment politicians have a major advantage over un-elected challengers.  They are reelected at rates that boggle the mind when you consider how unhappy we are with their performances.  In November, the majority of you will vote to keep your Representatives and your Senators despite the fact that they have been in office as the debt of this nation has gone from $7 trillion to $20 trillion, wars around the planet we participate in are multiplying and the US economy dies a slow and steady death.

We are prohibited by the media from having honest, brutally honest conversations that would save lives as we are bullied by the media that we cannot broach certain topics meanwhile the Men and Women’s signs come off the doors of restrooms as that was the most important decision we face every day.

It’s not just that the minority have been wielding the hammer of Outrage, is the minority of minorities that is doing so and doing it rather well.

Millions of dollars are now being spent on college campuses for counseling for children that have seen the name “Trump” written in chalk.  Non-white student areas are being created that exclude whites.  We call those “Safe Spaces.”

There is a great tide of nonsense washing through the American society, and its doing irreparable damage to fabric of the United States.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has been the center of the misplaced outrage since he clinched his nomination.  His own “party” hates him.  That is a good thing.  What is wrong with the Republican Party is exhibited through the leaders within it.

Those Republican leaders like McCain and Graham and Ryan and others have been in place as Obamacare passed, budget impasses were compromised away, and our debt skyrocketed.  They were there when one bad idea after another has been pushed by Obama and then passed into law.

So did you really actually think that you were going to be able to sit back and whine on your call in talk shows and that the Republican Party was going to change from within?

Did you think that some rising start like a Rand Paul or a Mike Lee, was going to suddenly illuminate the seasoned politicians who have been entrenched for decades?  If so, you were naive and wrong.

I was one of those that was naive and wrong.  I watched as Rand Paul led a filibuster.  I watched as it seemed we had the majority we can halt the budget increases when the Republicans gained the majority.

And then it never happened.  Two elections later with first John McCain(you can’t say anything bad about a former POW-oh the outrage) and then Mitt Romney we saw the true nature of the Republican Party.  Don’t get tough.  Let the opponents define the terms of the debates, and for God’s sake do not say anything controversial.

That approach failed.  The core of the American people had enough.  The Tea Party was formed, and then they tried a grass roots approach to changing the Republican Party.  After thousands of meetings, they too have learned the party has rules that are against them.

Out of those two elections and the failure of the Tea Party(where we learned that the Republicans would turn on their own and eat them(for the good of the party), we headed into a third Presidential Election cycle.

Trump emerged because he was an outsider and because he was willing to say what needed to be said.  At the second debate, when Trump said Clinton should be in jail and he would select a Special Prosecutor if elected, there was a cheer in the living rooms all across America.

Trump has to get his hands dirty.  Trump has to say harsh things.  Trump has to push the boundaries on statements.  The Democrats are standing by to fake outrage.  The elected Republicans are there to fake outrage, and the Media is there to do whatever it takes to protect Clinton.

What used to be a whispered conspiracy has been confirmed by the Wikileaks material we see coming out over the last week.

Clinton has been working with the media.  The nation’s larges social media outlets are working with Clinton.  There are Republican leaders within the Party working overtime to destroy Trump.

There are Republicans who would rather see Clinton elected than their own candidate who has vowed to protect the US Constitution and protect our borders.

Trump is just one man.  But he is fighting the battle we seem unwilling or unable to fight on our own.  Because as I stated earlier, those very same Republicans that are fighting their own candidate will be re-elected because of your votes.

And that leaves me with one feeling-Real Outrage.

We need to put away our snowflake mentalities, and take out the trash.  Without doing that we cannot clean up America.

We must break the stranglehold that elected politicians have on all of us.

I’ll be voting against EVERY incumbent in 2016.

I hope you do the same.

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