Johns Creek Residents Should NOT Vote This Fall…

Residents of Johns Creek should not vote in this upcoming election if they are not familiar with the candidates, the major issues in Johns Creek and are basing their decisions on such variables as :

  1. You are not familiar with the issues we are facing such as potential widening of our roads to overcome the ineffective traffic light system we have today
  2. You are unfamiliar with the negative impact higher density housing has on our roads, schools, and property values
  3. You are basing your decision on the endorsement of an elected official, who just wants to avoid having someone challenge them on issues before the City Council
  4. You saw more signs for the candidate that you are going to vote for so you believe that is a sign of more support for that candidate(Signs for candidates are placed on the roads by the candidates and their crews-Signs in neighborhoods actually show you who your neighbors support but you still need to educate yourself!!!)
  5. You read their mailers to your home and they seem like a nice person

Residents of Johns Creek should vote IF:

  1. They have done their own research into the candidates
  2. They have watched the debates, forums, City Council Meetings and Work Sessions and see how these candidates actually think and function
  3. They understand that Johns Creek is at a crossroads.  Do we become Buckhead or stay Johns Creek.

What’s worse than not voting?  Being an uninformed voter and making a random choice at the voting booth.

The future of Johns Creek is too important to leave it to a random outcome on election day.  Let the informed voters choose and we will all be better off.

Personally, I do this in all elections.  I abhor the idea of having voted for the worst of two candidates because I knew nothing about either candidate.

Yes, we are told that “everyone” should vote.  But if everyone voted, then it really becomes a popularity contest.  And incumbents have more name recognition, so that certainly works in their favor for a popularity contest.  They call it the “popular vote” for a reason.  And I do not think it implies anything more than it was a popularity contest.

Voting for the popular people is no way to run  a government.  Voting for principled leadership that will follow your City Charter and err in decisions in favor of their constituents-That’s the ticket!

I encourage you to do as much research on the candidates as you would if you were purchasing a new dishwasher or planning a trip to an unknown location.  Search online.  Ask your neighbors.  Watch City Council meetings and work sessions online.

An educated voter is the best voter.  Be the best you can be before you cast that ballot.



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