America First-Businesses to Boycott

The United States is a nation of Freedom and Choice.  And we, as consumers, have every right NOT to support businesses which take our dollars and use them in ways that are NOT in our best interest.

Boycotts are not just for businesses, however.  We must also keep our dollars(and students) that want to destroy the American Way of Life.  If your local universities are teaching your children beliefs that are anti-American, why would you send your dollars and children there for an “education”?  If you are, then you are part of the problem.

Become part of the solution.  Take your dollars elsewhere.  We have more choices than ever today.  Take a moment and exercise those choices. Vote with YOUR DOLLARS every time you buy goods and services!!!



Anheuser Busch: Owned by foreign company-choose an American owned American made product first.  Check for local options near you.

IHeartRadio(ClearChannel): Installing billboards in communities that DO NOT WANT THEM.

Kellogg’s :

Sprouts: (Anti-2nd Amendment)

Starbucks: (Anti-2nd Amendment, Pro immigration)

Target (Anti-2nd Amendment, Social Engineering)