In The End, It Was About The Economy Again

Once again, we faced a National Election for President of The United States, and once again the outcome was never really in question, was it?

What if you could find one indicator that pointed the way to what would happen in the election for POTUS that could very well sum up how the United States was doing, and therefore indicate what the outcome would be during election years?

There are a large number of secondary issues that always appear, but they are more distractions than actual representations of how we are doing as a people. But that is not to say those issues are not important.  They are.  But none of those issues can overcome the main concern to all Americans: How well are we doing economically?

And, if the elected officials clearly understood this, would we have a different legislative process where we focused on the issues that really kept a party in office?

Year Corp. Profits After Taxes Party
2016 -6.30% Democrats Lost Power
2012 17.65% Democrats Stayed in Power
2008 -9.33% Republicans Lost Power
2004 20.79% Republicans Stayed in Power
2000 -10.64% Democrats Lost Power
1996 15.49% Democrats Stayed in Power
1992 4.26% Republicans Lost Power
1988 18.38% Republicans Stayed in Power
1984 20.36% RepublicansStayed in Power
1980 -19.48% Democrats Lost Power
1976 9.68% Republicans Lost Power
1972 20.93% Republicans Stayed in Power

Over the last 12 election cycles the party in power held the White House when Corporate Profits after taxes were 10% or more higher than the previous year.  That is 12 for 12.

The economy does matter.  It has always mattered.  And there is no more important indicator than after we have done all our work, how much we have left after taxes.

That is something we need to think about.  Especially our elected officials.


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