Operation: Silence The Opposition

What happens when you challenge the leadership in your community?  What happens if you do not accept the notion that the best choices were made, that the best outcomes were achieved?  What if you challenge the ideas that the future of your community needs to be drastically different from the community that you have chosen to call home?

In Johns Creek, you are given labels.  You are called a hater.  You are labeled as the wrong type of person to hang around.  Your elected officials tell people that you are the wrong types of people to associate with.  Those crying in the public arena about bullies are actually the bullies of Johns Creek, using their efforts in an attempt to silence the opposition.

When asked to give specific answers to the questions we have raised, they instead point to “anonymous” commenters.  They should turn their attention to the questions raised in the Blog stories such as this one.  They choose not to.

Johns Creek: A City of 82,000 residents.  Eighty per cent residential.  Typical low participation in  local elections and City Council Meetings that are poorly attended.

Yet when local residents get involved that do not agree with the majority of the Council, and then discuss those disagreements on Facebook, Blog pages, and addressing the City Council directly, expect an uproar to ensue.

I know.  I am one of those that has been challenging the City of Johns Creek on crucial issues.  Traffic, over-development, business taxes, and special elections.  I have been an outspoken critic of many of the issues our City has been facing.

What have I gotten in return?  Elected officials complaining about my efforts to pretty much anyone that would listen.

As a board member of the Johns Creek Community Association,  I had to listen to a former board member carry a message to me at a board meeting from the Mayor complaining about a piece I had written.    It could have been this piece:

Johns Creek: Foolin’ Ourselves


So today I am labeled a “hater”.  Yet the only thing I hate is the arrogance of my local government who thinks that the only solutions for issues are THEIR solutions.  And that because they were elected, that proves that their solutions are the best solutions.

Frankly, nothing could be further from the truth.  I have stated time and again that there are many questions that they are not asking when discussing issues.  I have said time and again that they start with the solution and work backwards.  It’s still happening that way.

Hate is not a useful emotion.  I do not hate.  Instead I use logic and challenge the cozy methodology of how proposals are justified at City Council.  There are supposed to be 7  people representing me on this City Council.

Instead, there are two and a half.  The rest accepts the City Staff recommendations in lock step fashion the majority of the time.  Those Council members that challenge are labelled as divisive.

Question:  Is Our Council Present to Rubber Stamp the Mayor’s Agenda?  NO!

This tactic of silencing your opposition is Un-American at the very least.  It is the lazy politician’s way to victory.

A better idea is to make your case on why your positions are correct, and do it with facts.

If the best that you can do is disparage people like myself with comments whispered to people around the City, you look weak.

For the record, this City Government has NOT proven that our traffic congestion is due to outsiders and not the fault of the traffic light timing.

This City Government has not proven that we have a tax revenue problem

This City Government has NOT proven that it is their job to redesign private commercial areas such as Tech Park.

You are going to be challenged.  So you need to do your homework.  You need to leave no stone unturned in your analysis of the issues because we are there to turn over the stones in your absence.

And we will.

Let’s be honest.  Those of us that are being labeled have given a voice to the silent majority in Johns Creek.  And that voice is heard by some of our Council Members that ask the questions on our behalf.

And there are those on the Council who want to silence some of the other Council Members. And so they must indirectly attack us.

I’ll keep asking the questions.  If you were on the Council, it would behoove you to start asking the questions that we ask before we have to ask them.

Getting those answers will lead to better decisions overall for Johns Creek.

That’s all I have ever sought.

In the meantime, be prepared to watch the bullies on the City Council keep crying foul.


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