Repeal Obamacare But Do NOT Replace It

Republicans in Congress are painting Americans into a corner they will never be able to get out of with Obamacare.  The paint will never be dry, and we will always be stuck with a horrific piece of legislation.

Why are Republicans playing this game with our future?  Do they truly believe that they can, via government, provide a better social program than the Democrats?  What happened to Free Market principles.

First, repeal Obamacare completely.

Second, allow everyone to deduct the entire cost of their chosen medical coverage from taxation.  This levels the playing field for everyone.

Third, remove barriers to policies across state lines.

Fourth, require cash prices to be listed for most if not all procedures.  Require cash prices to be published for drugs as well.  Allow the masses of consumers then to shop for the best prices as if they were spending their own money, because we are.

The idea that a plan must be created to keep as many people on the new plan as were on the old plan, when the old plan was forced upon millions is a red herring.  It is NOT the benchmark to determine whether a plan is successful or not.

What is the benchmark is whether or not people go out and acquire their own insurance.  But no one should be forced to do so if they feel it is NOT in their best interest.

Of all the groups that should be the most upset, it is the young, healthy, 20 and 30 something year old that was forced to join to help subsidize others on the insurance plans that were being offered.  To mask the true costs and the outrage, it was a marketing gimmick to allow parents to keep their kids on their policies until the age of 26.

If President Trump does not begin to break down this issued and devour it piece by piece, then it will backfire on him.  We were promised it would be repealed.

To break that promise would be an unmitigated disaster because everyone will be pointing the fingers as to why the repeal failed.  And to save their own careers, both Republicans and Democrats will be blaming Trump.

Repeal it, and let’s get this ugly piece of legislation behind us.

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