Traffic Choking Points

One of the biggest issues we face is how to get more vehicles through an intersection at a minimal cost.

One thing we can do at many of our intersections is to eliminate Traffic Choking Points and utilize the right turn lanes as both a right turn and through lane, increasing the through volume of traffic 40%-50% immediately.

This one improvement could eliminate much of the delay on many of our busiest roads without the need to widen the corridor.

Here are examples of two intersections: Peachtree Industrial Blvd and Pleasant Hill Road(On Pleasant Hill heading east in the Right Turn Only Lane

This point of view is from the Right Turn Only Lane.  It is more than 1/3 of a mile in length.  It sits mostly empty during the traffic light cycle.

Looking ahead you can see two concrete Islands.  On the other side of the intersection is a third lane that is fully functional and available for use.

Remove these concrete islands and allow traffic to proceed straight and it is not likely traffic would be backed up into Johns Creek in the afternoons.

Here is the second example:  State Bridge and 141 heading west on State Bridge Road.

This lane could also continue across 141 carrying 40%-50% more vehicles.  Today, the light is green heading west for 35 seconds or so.

What the naysayers will suggest:

But the right turn traffic will have to wait longer to proceed


Yes they will.  But how is that in comparison to waiting 5 minutes to actually get up to the intersection.  How long does it take to travel from the river to Peachtree Industrial Blvd  when it is backed up to the river?


We are surrounded by traffic choking points such as this that could be resolved at a minimal cost and done quickly.

There’s one south bound at East Jones Bridge.  There’s another northbound on 141 @Holcomb Bridge.

And yet another at 141 North and McGinnis Ferry Road.

And another at 141 South at Abbotts Bridge Road.

What are we waiting for?

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3 thoughts on “Traffic Choking Points

      • The City definitely has that data. You will see in in traffic reports when there is a zoning case and the impact to traffic is a consideration.

        Key to remember is that most right turns today have to wait anyway at light because there is cross traffic that they must wait to clear in most instances. For example the right turn from State Bridge to 141 north must usually wait because there are vehicles coming from the south, or vehicles possibly making U turns on 141 south to head north.

        Thank you for your comments

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