Gateway Marker Designs Speak For Themselves

On Friday September 27th, the City Council received the preliminary drawings for proposed Gateway Markers for the City of Johns Creek. The City Council was getting an early peak for the drawing and voting was to start this week from the residents. In less than 91 minutes from receiving the drawings forwarded by the Mayor, Council Members began to react.

Last April I wrote about how this effort was a complete waste of taxpayer monies. I also wrote the following(was I wrong?):

A government cannot define us. An artist will not define us. Gateway Markers will not define us. We do not need outsiders to come in and tell us who we are.
Government can identify us but it will never define us. The moment we let government define us is the moment we have lost who we are. We should be defining government instead.

Is this a good use of taxpayer dollars? I’ll let you decide for yourself.

The Council reacted negatively and these drawings were withdrawn from Public View. While they were supposed to be presented and voting begin on September 30,2019, it appears that changes will now be made before presenting to the public for consideration.

How much this will cost or what the revisions are remains to be seen.

5 thoughts on “Gateway Marker Designs Speak For Themselves

    • No, not kidding.

      When I was a kid, and I had money in my pocket, I’d have this burning desire to spend it. Of course I bought some stupid stuff. Remember Pet Rocks? Yep I bought one. That was 8 dollars or so in those days. Would cost about $24 today. But I had to have it.

      It was probably a good lesson because after that whenever I went to spend money, I was reminded of that Pet Rock.

      I still have that rock today. It has saved me tons of money in the long run.

  1. Is this monstrosity a done deal? Is it a ‘thing’ that we have to spend the money from the hotel tax on this crap? Why don’t they figure out a way to spend the money (if it must be spent) on something useful?

    • No, it is not a done deal. Several residents I have spoken to have thought it would be a better concept to highlight our local communities of Shakerag, Warsaw, Ocee, Newtown Park, and the other areas with markers denoting where they start.

      We need to preserve our history and our communities rather than become part of a homogeneous North Atlanta, as the plans seem to dictate(See the ARC plans and Agenda 2030).

      As for these monies, I believe we should end the hotel/motel tax and return those dollars to either the hotels and motels and they can either cut their rates or use these dollars to promote their businesses.

      In FY 2020 the hotel/motel tax will generate $600,000 and some of it again will be earmarked on dubious projects such as what we have already seen in the past.

      Our stewards of tax dollars should spend these dollars wisely and cautiously. Please remember that last spring, Council could have gone with a greenway project and instead chose the Gateway Markers because they wanted something to show sooner.

      Haste makes waste, right Council Members? But since it is what is known as chump change, they do not lose sleep over these poor decisions. They are, however, ultimately responsible.

  2. I thought these drawings were a homage to how bad the Storm Water has been for many years in this town?
    Flowing out of the hands, flowing like hair……a bridge is needed to get out of the city?

    Maybe it’s me…????

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