Georgia’s 6th Congressional District: Proof The House of Representatives Should Double in Size

Georgia’s 6th Congressional District is providing the nation a very clear message.  There are too few Congressional seats, and each one represents too many voters.

The resignation of Tom Price, a Republican from Georgia, and now running Health and Human Services has set off a mad scramble for his vacated seat.

And at $5250 dollars to enter the race, there were no shortage of people wanting to participate in the chase for the seat.  The winner of this race will likely have it for as long as they desire.

As a resident of the 6th District, it’s clear that the District is just too large a population for just one representative.  And since all Districts, which are defined by population, are all too large as well.

In 1900 the US population stood at 76,212,168 and the number of Representatives stood at 357 House Members.  That works out to 213,479 people per Representative.

In 2010, the US population was 308.7 million and the number of Representatives stood at 435. That works out to 709,655 per Representative.

See the problem?  That means the 6th Congressional District spans a highly populated area where those in the most eastern part of the District have little in common with those in the Western part of the District.

By doubling the size of the House of Representatives we can then reduce the power of each and every Representative.

More third party candidates would also have a shot at election.  The costs of being able to enter an election would fall.  People would have better access to their elected Representative.

Most importantly, it would decrease the power of career politicians since we will likely never have term limits.

Couple this with my idea of ending the perks of seniority in Congress, and we just might be able to return this to a nation For The People.


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EJ Moosa believes that a smaller government is a more efficient government. He believes that better analysis leads to better solutions. A graduate of Georgia State University In Business Administration, EJ grew up in Cobb County,GA, graduating from Osborne High School and worked at several Atlanta companies including First Atlanta, IBM, and Six Flags over Georgia.

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